We created this Certificate of Compliance as one more effort to insure our customers a top-quality product. The Certificate is just one of many quality checks we use. It Certifies that the Felt(s) supplied are indeed the size(s) ordered and that they comply to the applicable drawings, specifications, and procedures of the referenced purchase order number.

We strongly encourage you to remove the Felt(s) when received and measure them, as diagrammed below. By so doing, you will insure that the Felt(s) ordered are indeed the size(s) received. In addition, and equally as important, you will erase any doubt of installing the wrong Felt(s) or that the size(s) were incorrect, and/or that the Felt(s) dimensions were skewed or biased. If you have measured the Felt(s) and find your numbers match our Certificate of Compliance, you will have eliminated a variable, for example, if a tracking problem should occur. In turn, this might save you precious time in determining the real cause of the tracking problem, instead of assuming the Felt(s) dimensions are at fault


Lay the Felt flat on a clean, dry surface.

Pull the Felt flat and push down on each respective looped end.

Measure from the INSIDE to the INSIDE of each end for both sides of the Felt.

Measure from CORNER to CORNER as diagrammed.

Measure the Thickness.

Measure the Width.

Record Measurements along with respective Serial Numbers for future reference.

Any questions about Measurements taken, that do not correspond to the Certificate of Compliance, should immediately be brought to our attention. Please do so via Ph 704-399-4276; Fax 704-393-5628; or e-mail us at


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