3M Imperial™ Lapping Film

3M ®Imperial® Lapping Film is our premium, precision
abrasive for producing a super-fine, super-consistent
finish. A high strength polyester backing provides a
uniform base for a coating of micron graded mineral
particles that are uniformly dispersed for greater finishing
efficiency. A carefully controlled resin bond ensures a
consistent, reliable, and repeatable finish. Clean room
coating and converting ensures contaminant-free products.

Applications: plastic, metals, magnetic media, oxide
coated discs, thin films, CDs, magnetic boards, floppy discs,
fiber optics connectors, metallography, and other lapping and polishing applications.

Converted Forms: sheets, discs, rolls.

Available Backings: 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 mil thickness. Discs and sheets available with self -adhesive backings.

Available Minerals: Aluminum Oxide, Silicone Carbide, and Chrome Oxide.

Available Grades: 0.05, 0.3, .05, 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 12, 30, 40, and 60 micron. (Not all grades available in all products.

Other Information:

Imperial® Lapping Film Type F: provides the desired cut and finish for floppy disk burnishing operations.

Imperial® Lapping Film Type P: resin bond is harder than the standard product. Often used in polishing hard plastics.

Imperial® Lapping Film Type R3: developed for polishing rigid memory disks and texturing thin film disks. Resin bond is harder than the standard product.

  • United States Supply Co., Inc is a major supplier of 3M lapping films for finishing all materials.
  • We specialize in films for polishers such as the GEM Superfinisher.
  • We inventory nearly all grades in 4" and 8" widths ready for mounting on your machine.
  • There are other generic films available, but none offer the quality and consistency of performance of 3M films.
  • United States Supply Co., Inc inventories many of these films for a variety of users therefore we offer immediate shipment and competitive pricing.

3M Imperial® Microfinishing Film®

A fast cutting abrasive that provides precise,
consistently uniform, close-tolerance finishes.
A high-strength polyester film backing is
coated with premium, micron-graded mineral
particles that are electrostatically oriented for
greater cutting efficiency, and resin-bonded for
increased durability.

Applications: metal, plastic, fiberglass, solid-surface composites, wood, paints and primers, automotive power train components, superfinishing.

Converted Forms: sheets, discs, rolls, belts.

Available Backings: 3 mil or 5 mil thickness. Discs and sheets available with self-adhesive, Stikit® , or Hookit® backings.

Available Minerals: Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide.

Available Grades: 180, 150, 120, 100, 80, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 15, and 9. (Not all grades available in all products.)

Other Information:

Imperial® Microfinishing Film Type S - has our standard backsize for non-slip performance. Designed primarily for roll goods to be used in indexing operations.

Imperial® Microfinishing Film Type Q - has a more aggressive backsize than the standard product. Designed primarily for roll goods in indexing operations such as crankshaft and camshaft polishing where additional friction is required for non-slip performance.

Imperial® Fre-Cut® Microfinishing Open Coat Film - Mineral is applied to the backing in a open coat pattern to prevent loading and increase product life. It's Fre-Cut® coating provides extra loading prevention in dry sanding operations. Developed for use on softer materials such as wood, polyurethane, paints, sealers and plastics.

  • United States Supply Co., Inc. inventories most grades of microfinishing films for metal finishing.
  • With major concentration on polishing chrome plated rolls, we inventory grades from 60 micron to 9 micron in roll sizes of 4" and 8" ready to mount on most any polisher made.
  • We also have prepared rolls for the K-Walter polisher (4 ¾") complete with core adaptations needed for mounting.

Our experienced staff can assist you in setting up your polishing procedures to ensure that you are getting the most from your 3M films.


3M Coated Abrasives

Today, coated abrasives have become an
indispensable tool for processing a multitude
of materials. Applications range from surface
leveling and smoothing, to polishing and
grinding. Based on nearly 100 years of
experience, 3M Research has been a leader
in developing many new coated abrasive
products and systems for modern production

Coated abrasives are manufactured from three materials: a mineral, a backing and an adhesive bond. 3M uses 7 minerals, 5 backings, and 4 bonds to offer a vast number of practical, durable production tools. United States Supply Co., Inc can assist you in finding the right combination for maximun value and performance..

Minerals: emery, garnet, aluminum oxide, alumina zirconia, silicon carbide, ceramic aluminum oxide, and industrial diamonds.

Backings: paper, cloth, fibre, combination, and polyester film.

Bonds: glue, resin over glue, resin over resin, waterproof.

Coatings: open coat, closed coat, gravity process.

Lead Time: As an authorized agent for 3M abrasives, United States Supply Co., Inc., stocks common sizes and others are available within 1 day on standard 3M items.


3M Scotch-Brite® Hand Pads

3M Scotch-Brite® Hand Pads out perform steel
wool and wire brushes. They are fast cutting with
consistent finish for surfaces that need to be
cleaned or finished by hand. These pads are
non-rusting and can be used with water or solvents.
We recommend the 7447 hand pad as the best
starting point for cleaning and finishing.
There is no question that 3M Scotch-Brite® is your
best choice for cleaning and finishing surfaces
by hand.

  • UPC Number Product ID Color Pads/case Boxes/case
  • 048011-16976-7 7445 White 20 3
  • 048011-04028-8 7448 Light Gray 20 3
  • 048011-04029-5 7447 Maroon 20 3
  • 048011-04229-9 7447B Maroon 60 1
  • 048011-04051-6 7446 Gray 10 4
  • 048011-04050-9 7440 Tan 10 4

3M Imperial® Diamond Lapping Film

Imperial® Diamond Lapping Film offers a repeatable,
precision finish on extremely hard materials. It combines
micron-graded diamond particles, a resin bonding system
and a highly uniform polyester film.

Applications: carbides, ceramics, high-hardness metals,
rocks and minerals, fiber optic connectors, magnetic heads,
metallurgical testing, and other lapping and polishing

Converted forms: sheets, discs, rolls.

Available Backings: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 mil backings. Sheets and discs available with self-adhesive backing.

Available Grades: 0.1, .05, 1, 105, 3, 6, 9, 15, 20, 30, 45, and 60 micron. (Not all grades are available in all products.)

Other Information:

Imperial® Diamond Lapping Film Type B - Diamond particles are contained in ceramic beads which makes this product more aggressive than the standard product. Grade for grade a Type B product will yield more cut, longer life, and a coarser finish. Recommended for extremely hard materials and larger parts.

Imperial® Diamond Lapping Film Type P - The resin bond is harder that the standard product. Used primarily in roll superfinishing applications and flat lapping operations.

Imperial® Diamond Lapping Film Type H - Provides a higher cut rate and longer life than the standard IDLF. A thicker diamond coating and harder resin prevent "score through" and increase cut rate, making this a long lasting, clean polishing, premium diamond abrasive. Used primarily for fiber optics and
Connector polishing.



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