Compacting Calendar Blankets


"Endless" - No Seams or Splices to create mark-off or negatively affect the felts tensile strength.

Exceptionally Smooth Surface as a result of the fibers and needling techniques used.

Superior Strength and Durability due to the base fabric construction.

"Pre Heat-Set" for excellent dimensional stability and ease of tracking.

Batt-on-Base Construction - consists of a woven scrim (base) with a needled surface (batt).

Compacting Diagram


Blended synthetic fibers. Several Styles are available depending on the application. When ordering, please advise us of the manufacturers name of the machine and the typical process performed, so we may better service your needs.

Note: Since Some Compacting Felts must be as thick as possible to achieve the maximum shrinkage of the fabric, we manufacture felts up to 25 mm thick. 


Note: These dimensions are standard. We do, however, manufacture outside these standard dimensions per request.

  Recommended Machines 

Among other machine brands, Compacting Felts from United States Supply are suitable for use on Ferraro, Monti, Muzzi, Poong Kwang, Santex and Sperotto machines.

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