Felt Finisher Blankets

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Endless - no seams or splices that may mark-off or weaken the felt.

Superior Strength and Durability - due to high-tech fibers used and our needling process.

Pre Heat-Set - provides excellent dimensional stability and subsequent ease of tracking.

Batt-on-Base construction - a woven scrim (base) with a needled surface (batt).



100% POLYESTER - The industry standard. This felt is made from a special Polyester. This particular Polyester has excellent abrasion and tensile characteristics, as well as, hydrolysis resistance. We selected it only after testing literally every other polyester fiber available. (Note: All Polyester fibers are not equal in tensile strength, abrasion, or hydrolysis resistance. Typically the cheaper the fiber the poorer its qualities).


ULTRA 4000® - A relatively new and special blend of 100% Synthetic Fibers. Made by blending our special hydrolysis resistant Polyester fiber (see above) with chemical and heat resistant fibers. The life span of this felt will vary depending on the process it is exposed to but, in cases, has more than doubled the life span of our special Polyester felt. This added durability commands a premium cost of only 13% over the Polyester. As a result, it has become our most popular felt since its introduction five years ago.


RYNO 9000 -

The ultimate in felt performance without spending a fortune. This felt was specifically engineered to perform in a ll high temperature and chemical environments. From Textile Finishing to Transfer Printing applications, this felt will outlast any other. Among its many qualities: 1) outstanding strength retension upon exposure to high temperature (245°C); 2) excellent resistance to acids and alkalis; 3) does not hydrolyze; and, 4) has good physical properties (hysteresis, elongation, elastic recovery, tensile strength, etc.) We highly recommend this felt for longevity, especially in harsh environments, and to impart a soft hand to fabric.

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100% Wool and Polyester/Wool Blends Styles 5454 & 3454 - These felts help to impart a superior "hand" to any fabric run over them. Style 5454 consists of 100% Wool, while Style 3454 is a blend of our special hydrolysis resistant Polyester described above and Wool. The blending ratios vary, but typically are 25/75, 50/50, and 75/25. The Wool and Polyester fibers are generally mixed together before needling but, upon request, may also be segregated such that the Wool fiber is concentrated on the face of the felt.

NOTE: Please call if you have a unique application or request. Our research & development staff will be glad to work with you. 


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