Abrasives: Bonded and Coated

Aprons, Decating

Aprons, Conveyor

Bags and Nets, Dyeing

Baskets, Perforated Metal

Blankets, Bolsters and Rubber Belts

Blankets, Compressive Shrinkage

Blankets, Compacting

Blankets, Conveyor

Blankets, Decating

Blankets, Dryer

Blankets, Endless

Blankets, Needled (see Felts)

Blankets, Polishing

Blankets, Transfer Printing


Buckets and Dippers

Color Pipes (rotary screen print)

Doctor Blades

Dryers, Conveyor

Dye Beam Wrap (Cheesecloth)

Dye Filtration Fabrics

Dye Pipes (rotary screen print)

End Dams (rotary screen print)

Engraving Services

Fabric: Nonwoven, Woven

Felts: Endless, Needled and Woven

Felts: Compacting, Decating, Polishing, SANFORIZING, Sublimation Printing


Gloves, Industrial

Grinding Machines and Accessories

Instruments: Density, Durometer, Moisture, pH, Pyrometer, Shrinkage, Stretch

Jackets, Woven Felt

Laboratory Supplies

Maintenance Items, Rubber Belt

Mandrels, Printing Machine

Marking Devices: Dalo, Texpen , Chalk, Crayons, Sanforized 18 (457mm) Fabric Marker

Mixers, Pneumatic and Electric

Monitoring Equipment, Instruments, Finishing

Plating Equipment, Printing Roll

Polyethylene: Bags, Containers, Rolls, Squeegee

Print Lapping Cloth, Roller Printing

Printing Felts, Sublimation/Heat Transfer Printing

Printing Jackets, Vigoureux

Printing Machine Spare Parts, Roller

Printing Machine Spare Parts, Rotary

Print Rods (rotary screen print)

Roll Covering Materials: Cork, Grip, Hi-Temp, Pebble, Sand, Smooth, Traction Top

Rolls, Ceramic Coated

Rolls, Chromium Plated



SHIELD® Rubber Belts

Sleeves, Thermo Shrink

Squeegees, Rotary Screen Printing: Stainless, Blue Carbon, Plastic, Polyurethane

Squeeze Roll Lapping for Roller Printing

Sublimation, Felt

Thickness and Compression Gauges

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