United States Supply offers Stainless Steel, Plastic and Polyurethane Squeegee blades for use in Textile Printing.  For expedient service, a wide variety of sizes are stocked in our U.S.A. facility, located in Charlotte, N.C.

Stainless Steel Squeegee Material

  • Sizes (100 Meter Roll Lengths)

    55 mm x 0.20 mm

    50 mm x 0.20 mm

    50 mm x 0.15 mm

    45 mm x 0.20 mm

    45 mm x 0.15 mm

    40 mm x 0.15 mm

    40 mm x 0.10 mm

    * Note: Standard sizes listed, other sizes available upon request.

  • Polyurethane Squeegee Material

    for Flat-Bed and Rotary Screen Printing

    See chart for edge and hardness varietiesundcon_sml.gif (293 bytes)COMING SOON

    Plastic Squeegee Material

  • Sizes (available in 60 Meter or 30 Meter Rolls)

    55 mm x 1.00 mm

    55 mm x 0.60 mm

    50 mm x 0.60 mm

    45 mm x 0.60 mm

    40mm x 1.00 mm

    * Note: Standard sizes listed, other sizes available upon request.

    Often times there are advantages to using a Polyester Squeegee Blade over the more conventional Stainless Steel Squeegee. Most notably, the Polyester Squeegee will not pit, rust, corrode, or delaminate. The Polyester blade will reduce the wear on rolls and screens by virtue of the fact that the squeegee is softer and more flexible than stainless. This allows the polyester blade to be run with less pressure minimizing the friction and thus, the wear that occurs. Polyester Squeegee is also compatible with the majority of solvents, coatings, lacquers, varnishes, water, and alcohol based inks commonly used in flexographic, gravure, and Rotary Screen Printing. (Please see the accompanying list.)

    The general blade sizes used in Rotary Screen Printing are as follows: 40mm x 0.61mm, 40mm x 0.39mm, 4mm x 0.50mm, 55mm x 0.61mm, and 55mm x 1.00mm. (Other sizes and samples are available upon request.)

    These sizes have evolved as the most popular as squeegee blades typically are used in a "trailing" technique at approximately a 65 angle to the roll or screen.
    This technique involves a scraping action that forms a wedge of ink in the angle between the squeegee and the screen or roller surface. It is at this angle
    that solid particles can become trapped, causing damage to both the screen and squeegee. For this reason, a high standard of ink filtration and cleanliness is
    essential when using either the Polyester or Stainless Squeegee.


    MELTING POINT 265 C (510 F)

    SHRINKAGE (after 5 min. @ 205 C) 3% (width & length)


    Dilute Acids & Alkalis Good

    Concentrated Alkalis Poor

    Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid Fair

    Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Poor

    Greases, Oils, & Fats Good

    Organic Solvents, Alcohols & Hydrocarbons Good

    Ketones, Esters & Chlorinated Compounds Good

    Phenols, Cresols & Chlorinated Phenols Poor .

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