SHIELD® Compressive Shrinkage Wax is a specially formulated high temperature (60° C/140° F) melt wax sold in bars or bags with an approximate weight of 454 grams (1 lb.) each.

Directions for Use

Natural Rubber Shrinking Belts are exposed to harmful extremes of high temperature, great friction and unusual conditions of elasticity. These conditions are especially severe in the areas of the Rubber Belt along both edges where the rubber is exposed directly to the metal surface of the steam heated cylinder.

Because of the more rapid deterioration of the rubber in these exposed areas, several things occur, all of which are undesirable. The rubber in these areas is prone to cracking and, in some cases, to an actual peeling away of rubber pieces from the surface of the rubber belt. This rubber, as well as other solids, adheres to the surface of the steam cylinder, increasing surface friction in these areas. This causes severe abrasion to the rubber belt surface and may reduce fabric shrinkage on the edges of fabrics (especially wider goods) being shrunk.

Frequently, the rubber along the belts edges will become soft and tacky due to the greater temperature and stress to which it is exposed in these areas. As a result, as the rubber recoils after the point of compression, the movement of the belt is erratic or jumpy, causing undesirable corrugation of the fabric being shrunk. Some fabrics such as sateen may develop a moiré appearance. Diagonal weaves, such as twills, may develop a broken diagonal line.

The erratic motion of the rubber belt, due to the premature deterioration of the rubber in the exposed areas along the belt edges, also causes greater wear and tear on the bearings and other mechanical components of the shrinking machine. This wear and tear is ultimately expensive in terms of maintenance and lost production time.

We do not wish to imply that SHIELD® WAX will perform miracles. However, it has proven very useful in prolonging rubber belt life, reducing or eliminating undesirable appearance defects in fabric, and reducing machine maintenance costs when it has been applied directly to the rubber belt along the exposed surfaces (every 2 or 3 hours) during operation of the shrinking machine.

SHIELD® WAX is not harmful to the natural rubber of the belt, as it is not readily absorbed into the rubber. Instead, because of its high melt point, it remains on the belts surface, acting as a lubricant. It will not stain fabric or cause any other undesirable effect. The appropriate frequency of use is best determined by experience in a given situation.

Note: This wax may also be used sparingly on the felt Palmer cylinders to keep them clean and free from any build-up of foreign material and to prevent oxidation of the cylinder surface.


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